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A new type of import customs system in Hungary!

A new type of import customs system in Hungary!

As of November 1st, a new type of import system will be introduced in Hungary, which is why we would like to draw everyone's attention to possible longer lead times during customs procedures. Our team is prepared and waiting for the change through continuous education and professional training! Despite this, we were informed on several channels that the transition may cause disruptions due to the changed processes, the possible causes of which could be the familiarization of both the customs authority and the customs administrators on the operational side with the new system, as well as the correction of initial difficulties. It can be expected that in many cases customs administrators will receive rejection messages from the customs authority's system, which must be investigated and handled one by one!

Our attention has been drawn to the following problems that our customers may experience

  • Prolonged customs clearance time

  • Increase in storage and downtime

  • The certificate of issuance must be known to all logistics operators involved

  • Delayed delivery

  • Interruption of production processes.

We need to ask for everyone's patience, thank you for your kind understanding in advance!

News authorGerő Péter9 months ago