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Customs Celarance with TIR document

TIR is the designation of trucks participating in international transport, which, according to the TIR convention, travel with a TIR certificate and a "Carnet TIR"...

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Goods transported according to the TIR procedure are exempted from the obligation to pay or deposit import or export duties and taxes at transit customs offices. The term "TIR procedure" means the transportation of goods from the customs office of departure to the customs office of destination, according to the procedure called "TIR operation" established by this Agreement.

The term "import or export duties and taxes" means customs duties, taxes and fees collected when importing or exporting goods or in connection therewith, with the exception of those fees, the amount of which does not exceed the approximate cost of the services provided.

The procedure process consists of the following:

At the beginning, the truck or container need to be presented to the departure or entry customs office together with the load and the relevant TIR document for inspection purposes then the vehicle has to be sealed.

At the end of the process, the truck or container was presented to the customs office of destination or exit together with the cargo and the relevant TIR document for inspection purposes.